The Jiyu-Shin Karate School is the oldest karate club in Peterborough, founded by Sensei Mark Bell in 1972. Several of Sensei Bell's first black belts still teach and train. Chito-Ryu is our formal style of karate. We also incorporates aspects from other martial arts into our curriculum.

Find out more about our instructors below.



Day Job: Technical Service Advisor

Started karate: 1990

Received my black belt: January 1996

Other martial arts training: Judo, Aiki jiu-jitsu

I joined karate because: I wanted to exercise and learn a martial art

I do karate now because: I enjoy breaking down technique I have performed over the year and am still able to find way to improve how I perform the techniques.

Other hobbies/interests: Motorcycles, volunteer firefighter, camping


Day Job: Retired; industrial electrician

Started karate: September 1975

Received my black belt: August 1981

Other martial arts training: None

I joined karate because: I was talked into trying karate by my brother in 1974 then started in 1975

I do karate now because: I have trained and continue to train with many very good martial artists and I am honoured to continue from their example. Now, it is my way of life.

Other hobbies/interests: Hunting


Day Job: Business Owner - BAM Mascots

Started karate: 1985

Received my black belt: May 1988

Other martial arts training: Aikido (unranked), Judo (blue belt), grappling

I joined karate because: My brother convinced me to try it out

I do karate now because: I am slave to the structure and the physicality of the martial arts, karate specifically. That, and the undeniable link to an intellectual requirement are what keep me here

Other hobbies/interests: guitar, collecting miniature superhero replicas, working out


Day Job: Business Owner - 360 Wellness Clinic, Registered Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy instructor

Started karate: 1996, picked up as an adult again in 2007

Received my black belt: September 2010

Other martial arts training: None

I joined karate because: As a kid I got bullied a lot, and my parents wanted me to be able to protect myself

I do karate now because: I enjoy the challenge, exercise, and beauty of karate. Also,the people involved have become a second family. 

Other hobbies/interests: playing board games, Dungeons & Dragons, hand drumming


Day Job: Paramedic

Started karate: 2004

Received my black belt: November 2012

Other martial arts training: None

I joined karate because: My parents signed me up when I was a kid

I do karate now because: I like the exercise

Other hobbies/interests: guitar, volunteer firefighter


Day Job: University Student

Started karate: 2005

Received my black belt: June 2016

Other martial arts training: None

I joined karate because: My dad is the head instructor

I do karate now because: I enjoy it

Other hobbies/interests: Gaming


Day Job: PSW

Started karate: November 2012

Received my black belt: February 2019

Other martial arts training: Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu

I joined karate because: I wanted to work out, and exercise. Going to the gym wasn't engaging enough. I enjoy the companionship of working out with others, and I get the push I need from my fellow Karate-ka

I do karate now because: I like the physical and mental challenge. Everyone at the club is like an extended family, and I appreciate their company, and learning from them. I also enjoy teaching the kids classes and watching them strive towards their goals.

Other hobbies/interests: Charity runs/obstacle coarse, Magic the gathering, Going to comic cons,Documentaries



Day Job: High school science teacher

Started karate: When I was 13, but started again in 2012

Received my brown belt: January 2019

Other martial arts training: Kyoku-Shin Karate, some judo

I joined karate because: I was a product of the hype of martial arts in movies

I do karate now because: I enjoy the physical and mental workout.  There is always something to learn in order to improve your practice as a karateka.  I also enjoys the fact that the Sensei at Jiyu-Shin encourage learning outside of the style of Chito-Ryu and that they bring their knowledge of other martial arts into the dojo

Other hobbies/interests: rock-climbing, hiking, downhill skiing and reading